The Maestro's Magic Up Close & Personal

Image 03Available for Strolling Magic Engagements ANAF 284

The Maestro's Trivia Games Show LIVE

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This is such a fun game show to do when I LIVE Stream it, but nothing beats a LIVE Producttion of the show as I am allowed to do so much more with the audience

A Live Trivia Game Show, taking the Pub Night Trivia show to a new level of fun. We had a blast debuting it at the ANAF #284 in Beautiful Steveston BC

ANAF 284

Classroom Expeditions

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Our newest programs are "Indigenous Encounters of the 3rd & 4th Grades"

All the programs we do are curriculum based programs and just a couple of years ago the new curriculum included teaching honestly about our indigenous people, in grade 3 they learn of indigenous people from around the world, grade 4 we focus on our North American indigenous.